Essential Oil Roller Blends 10ml

Essential Oil Roller Blends 10ml

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Essential oil rollers supply blends of oils as desired through topical application on the skin. Oil rollers are made safe to use on skin by the use of carrier oils which are incorporated therein. Carrier oils such as jojoba, coconut, olive oil and many others are used to dilute oils effectively so that your skin is not harmed after application. Essentially, the rollers can be applied anywhere on the skin; however, there are certain points that can provide an even better effect. Below is a quick look at the best places to apply oil rollers on your body.

On the inner wrist

It is a common practice to apply essential oil rollers on the inner wrist. This is one of the most common pulse points that makes absorption of oil into the bloodstream easy. The radial artery runs along the inside of your wrist; making this location one of the best places to apply your roller.

Behind the ear

Skin behind the ears is lighter and more absorbent than other parts of your skin. This effectively makes it easy for essential oils to find their way into the bloodstream. This can provide relief from aches, inflammation and even swelling. To this end, using the oil behind your ears ensures that you experience faster and better relief. Keep in mind that the mastoid pressure point is also located behind the ear.

On the temples

Temples are pulse points; which means that blood vessels are close to the skin. In this regard, you will find people massaging their temples to soothe a headache or a migraine. Using essential oil rollers on the temples also delivers the healing goodness of these oils. When you have a headache, be sure to rub some oil using your roller for quicker relief.

Other great application points include; on the inner elbow, back of the knees, abdomen, around the ankles, below your feet; among others.