Mangano Sphere
Mangano Sphere

Mangano Sphere

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Mangano Calcite has a lovely sweet energy, with a vibration that is all about love, compassion and forgiveness, and assists you to accept yourself and your actions.

This pink stone helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief about something that happened.

These pink stones are excellent healing crystals for you to use to bring an increase of love and compassion into you life, and they may also boost your self worth and self esteem.

Their energy helps you to release habits that may have been holding back your forward progress in life. These gorgeous stones are most commonly known as stones for the heart.

These pink stones are powerful to provide insight into where in your life you have a greater need to strengthen the level of love in your life.


75mm sphere 623g

Glows under UV light